Jacqueline Kalab | Projects


Jacqueline Kalab, makeup artist, is an asset to any production – not just because of her exceptional makeup skills, but her understanding of the whole business, the pressures and importances that take priority on a shoot, and frequently can offer valuable input learned from many years of experience in the business – earning her knowledge of aspects such as lighting, cameras, colour, anatomy, dealing with fickle clients, unusual problems, etc.  This means your production is further enriched and professional.

With Jacqueline on your team, not only do the talent look and feel great but, as usually the last point of call before going on set, she helps them into the best possible mindset to deliver a winning performance, with confidence.

Jacqueline clients range vastly from top international high-profile personalities through to local talent and companies –  some of the top production companies, advertising agencies, , CEO’s, artists, legal and political people, Hollywood stars, international music performers, high-profile celebrities, and more.

Jacqueline works on many varied platforms from  very large, such as national billboards, magazines, international television appearances, through to small shoots for fashion, web images, and small campaigns, publicity and media appearances.

Jacqueline’s work is visually beautiful, radiant, professional, aesthetic, attractive, and often undetectable as makeup – her masterpieces are often mistaken for not wearing any makeup.  Jacqueline always aims to “get it right in camera” saving you on editing costs and heartache.  She is highly celebrated, experienced, has a well-equipped kit, and advanced knowledge in her craft.

Jacqueline is based in Melbourne, Australia, but also travels for work.  Contact Jacqueline on 0438 22 88 39 or [email protected]