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6 Reasons I would NEVER Do Insta Makeup on Myself or My Clients, Even though I LOVE watching them

6 Reasons I would NEVER Do Insta Makeup on Myself or My Clients, Even though I LOVE watching them

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As a huge fan of all things makeup, I can love to get lost in the fantasy world of Instagram and Social Media makeup and one never stops learning – including from juniors. 

However, and this is a big HOWEVER there are here’s why I would never apply makeup like that to myself, or my clients, and why I don’t think you should either.

An example of this, one of my celebrity clients had to have her makeup done, as part of a promotion, by one of these “gurus”.  Now this particular guru has well over half a million followers and flies around the world, getting paid an absolute fortune.

Months later, and my celebrity client stll raves and laughs hysterically and shows everyone the photos of how absolutely BAD the makeup was, that was done by said guru.  Worldwide Celebrity Client tells me the story and shows me the photos every second time I see her.  Needless to say, the “guru” left an impression – not a good one.

This is not an isolated incident.  It’s a common story.

#1 Small Screen View Needs High Contouring & Intense Stage Makeup
Contouring has been done by advanced makeup artists since the beginning of black and white film and probably centuries before that, in theatre.

The purpose was and is so that features can still stand out in:

– blurry black and white picture
– Small TV screens of old (nowadays screens are huge, so TV makeup has changed dramatically to cater)
– From far away as in the case of theatre

Instagram artists and other social media is normally viewed on quite a small screen so to stand out at all, the contouring needs to be incredibly severe and looks absolutely ridiculous if seen in real life.

#2 Contouring Is Aging.  These Girls Are Normally Very Young
The purpose of contouring is to dramatically enhance bone structure.

As we age, our faces become a little more sunken – sorry, I know that sounds hideous – so our bone structure is already showing more.  When we use heavy contouring, it is extremely aging and makes the face look quite hard.

Most of the girls doing social media makeups are very young and want to “cut in” their features and look more grown up.

Makeup techniques for women older from 30 onward are VERY different to very young women, along with what we’re trying to achieve.  The actual “canvas” (our faces) are very different so we don’t use the same tricks.  What looked good on us at 16 can look terrible in our 30 through to 70’s.

#3 They Use Filters On Their Cameras and VERY Unnatural Lighting
Further to the small screen, most social media makeup is done under just about the most unnatural lighting anyone will ever be seen in.  This lighting blows out all flaws, is extremely flattering, but also softens down very intense makeup.

Lighting is everything and everything you see depends upong the light source.  I work with a photographer who has a light that cost $150K !!  (Yes, K = thousand).  But you stand under that puppy and look amazing on your worst day.

Furthermore, many are using filter programs that photoshop as it’s being video’d!!  That means even live video is often image enhanced.

Insta artist have FULL on lighting set ups,  incredible flattering cameras, and filters that once again make even the “clown-est” of makeup look beautiful.  Not a makeup for turning up to work or lunch in!

#4 Got All Day?
What they don’t tell you is, many of the makeups created by the Insta or youtube artists is that they have worked on that makeup for hours – like 8, 9, 13 hours.  This is their life and they are competing for views to be successful at all.  Most of the rest of us, including myself as a professional makeup artist to stars, have to get our makeup on in record time so we can start the day.  I jokingly call it “traffic light makeup” and is once again, why I have created the online course, to teach you how to maximise your gorgeousness in minimal time

#5 Only Seeing Part of the Picture, and on Flattering Angles At That
When we do an eye shoot, for example, for a magazine, you are only seeing a small part of a complete picture – but what looks AMAZING as that small eye makeup, actually looks terrible when you see the rest of the features in the picture.  One artist that I love to watch shared a pic with her and her family.  I couldn’t believe how bad her makeup looked when seen from further away, as a complete picture.  She looked like she had droopy black eyes.  But the angles her Insta shows her on change the close up picture complete.  It’s like viewing one piece of the jigsaw puzzle and not seeing any of the rest.

#6 One face, One Canvas, Suits One Person’s Unique Features, No-one Else’s
When I first became a makeup artist, one of the first things that amazed me was how entirely different every face and every canvas is.  What looked amazing on my face, looked hideous on another and vice-versa. It took years to really piece together exactly why and how each piece of the jigsaw puzzle goes together.   I have to know, within seconds of meeting someone, exactly what is going to work on their unique features, and why, and then combine those “rules” or laws with my own art.

Most social media “gurus” are making up the same canvas, day in day out. and what works on them, once again, normally looks hideous on another – no matter how “well-done” the makeup is.

We all have different personalities, shaped eyes, different bone structure, different colour combinations in our skin, different areas of puffiness or “hollows” in our faces, different personal style, different lifestyles suit different types of makeup, different coloured eyes, smaller or larger eye areas, cheeks, lips… different favourite features to enhance…. on and on.

So, Yes these mages are beautiful
and I love to see these highly talented artists as much as the next person, but they are no more “real” than an abstract painting – in fact, have more layers of alteration.

So next time you want to beat yourself up for not looking like one of those girls in the pictures, or for not being able to do your makeup like that, remember Jacqueline told you that not even those girls look like that with their makeup done.

I teach Real Women Makeup, That Shows Off Your Unique Gorgous-ness
I have taught so many women now.
One woman said:

“Before, I used to look in the mirror and see an aging unpretty face, now I look in the mirror and see beautiful eyes and high cheekbones and my own unique features that make me so beautiful”

“My daughter came back from holidays and wouldn’t believe me that I hadn’t had botox.  She said I look at least 10 years younger!  I told her, ‘No, Jacqueline has taught me how to do makeup!'”

The course is in it’s version 2 stage, which means it’s a bit rough looking inside and constantly being added to, but there’s a gold-mine in there, and you get all the updates as I give them, and I will add any sections based on your feedback and what you need

And if you aren’t ready for the course right now, I absolutely suggest buying and using my makeup brushes.  Money back guarantee that you will fall in love with them and get a ton of use out of them.  You’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

One of my celebrites told me “I actually have anxiety now, if your brush isn’t with me” (talking of The Magic Foundation Brush)

So the short version is:
•  Don’t even remotely compare yourself, or your makeup skills, to Insta artists or social media “gurus”
•  Get stuck into my makeup course 
•  If you haven’t yet, get my brushes.  They were designed for YOU! – to get perfect makeup, fast.

Big love
Jacqueline  xx

Jacqueline Kalab
Jacqueline Kalab Cosmetics

PS.  Reply to this below  and tell me your successes, or questions. Also, let me know what you’d love for me to talk about next!

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  • Elicia Rudd September 22, 2017 at 3:51 pm /

    Such an awesome blog!! I feel exactly the same!!

  • Leah September 22, 2017 at 9:57 pm /

    LOVE this blog so much as a fellow makeup artist!!! ????????????????????????

  • Thereasa McIntyre Locke December 20, 2017 at 11:42 am /

    Thanks for the reality check.

  • Nicky Reid October 5, 2018 at 9:26 am /

    What a fantastic blog. I loved reading it and totally agree with you.
    Our job as Hair and Make up artists is to make people look and feel beautiful inside and out. What an awesome career!! After 34 years in our industry I still wake up every day excited to take care of my clients
    Love to see your brushes
    Nicky Reid

    • Jacqueline Kalab October 5, 2018 at 9:52 am /

      Thanks Nicky! And I thought I was a veteran at 25 years! Wow! It most certainly is a wonderful career – like an addiction, really, would you agree? Your comments mean a lot to me. xxxx