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Do Eyelash Serums Really Work?

Do Eyelash Serums Really Work?

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I was asked this question by a friend, so i thought I’d better post here.

Really good question. There are two types of serums: ones with medical/drug ingredients, and ones with natural ingredients/nutrients.

The drug/medical one acts a bit like putting the hair follicle on speed and can definitely make a huge difference! The drawback is that it eventually exhausts the hair follicle and hair can stop growing altogether, and also it can alter eyecolour in high doses. I don’t recommend this option.

The natural ones can provide nutrients and give a little bit of help. The drawback is you have to apply it often and over a long period of time, and most people can’t be bothered or eventually lose interest.

What I recommend, and what I’ve seen make the biggest difference, is using a really healthy mascara. I absolutely love Ere Perez almond oil mascara. Not only have I seen it improve people’s lashes dramatically, it’s actually really good mascara – the best I’ve ever used, actually. It takes slightly longer to dry, but stays on – no panda eye, and it’s really black. You’d better have some coconut oil on standby, though, as it only dissolved off with it.

To add to all that, one of the biggest enemies to lashes is mascara. Most mascara contains chemicals that clog or weaken the hair follicle. Also, any weight or pulling on the hair at all (in the form of mascara, fake lashes, or lash extensions) will weaken hair growth. That’s why I believe, the best thing you can do is use healthy mascara, and only remove it VERY gently.

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