Jacqueline Kalab | How to Master The Perfect Eyeliner – Tips from a Celebrity Makeup Artist

How to Master The Perfect Eyeliner – Tips from a Celebrity Makeup Artist

How to Master The Perfect Eyeliner – Tips from a Celebrity Makeup Artist

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The most common questions I have been asked lately have been to do with eyeliner.

It may take some changing of some  habits,and may feel awkward at first,  but after a little practice, you will get used to different methods and master a perfect line with your eyes closed – pardon the pun.  Below are my proven methods for getting the perfect line for your eyes

Three Winning Methods for applying eyeliner:

Method #1.  Tilt your head right backward so your chin is closest to the mirror and your forehead away from it, then look into the mirror and apply your eyeliner in this position, with your eyes a little bit open.  This technique stretches out your eyelid a little but more importantly, means you can see exactly where your eyeliner is going when you apply it, and makes it easier to keep a fine line

Method #2  Alternatively, you can keep your face upright while holding a makeup mirror down near your chest.  Look down into the makeup mirror to apply your eyeliner and mascara.

Method #3  Looking into a mirror with your head upright, use your free hand to lift your eyelid upward (not sideways!) while using your other hand to apply your eyeliner.

Eight Tips to Better Eyeliner

Tip #1  Whatever shape you draw your eyeliner, is the shape your eye will appear.  Think of eyeliner as drawing on your favourite eye shape.  If your draw your eyeliner going down at the outer corners, your eyes will appear to go down.  If you draw your eyeliner to come out at the outer corner, that is the shape your eyes will appear.

Tip #2  Apply eyeliner very finely toward the centre of the eyelid, and gradually thicken the line as you reach the outer corner of the eye to give the eye a lifted, more awake look.  For an Asian eye, you may want to have the thickest part of your eyeliner in the middle to open up the eye a little more

Tip #3   Genereally speaking, younger women – teens and 20’s – seem to suit a liquid or gel eyeliner.  Women in 30’s and above seem to suit pencil eyeliner moreso, or a combination of pencil then liquid.

Tip #4  hold your pencil or your brush on a sideways angle – almost flat again your skin – not quite flat against it, but almost.  This gives you much better control and also allows you to see how where you are applying it.

Tip #5  Start drawing from the corners and work toward the centre of your eye.  You can either start with the outer corner or inner corner – it doesn’t matter – and draw until your reach the centre of your lid, then work from the other corner toward the centre of the lid.

Tips #6  If your eyeliner is coming out too thick, it is likely you are stretching your eye sideways to apply it.  When you stretch the eye out sideways to draw on your eyeliner, as soon as you release your eyelid, the skin and eyeliner bounces back into a wider line.

Tip #7  When lining the inner corner of your eye, turn your head away from the mirror so that you have to look out sideways to see yourself in the mirror.  This stretches out the skin at the inner corner, making it easier to line.

Tip #8  Gel based eyeliners are my favourite when I’m applying on others, but for personal use, I personally find an eyeliner pen or pencil works best.  If you’re new to eyeliner, I’d leave this type for a while.  If your the kind who loves to play in front of the mirror, this might be a favourite!

My absolute favourite eyeliners::

Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner – My most favourite alternative to liquid eyeliners for personal use.  It has a super fine point that I find easy to lay down against the eye to draw on a most perfect line.  It last so ridiculously well, too.

Inglot Kohl pencils –  in 01 (Black) and 03 (Brown) are an absolute favourite.  They glide on, set in place and last all day.  You have a few seconds to blend them or soften the edge before it sets, if you want to.  I have put so many celebrities onto them.

Ere Perez Jojoba Eyeliner pencil for a natrual version.  My eyes love these when I’ve been working long days and my eyes become senstive

Laura Mercier Creme Eyeliner – If you’re good with a gel-pot eyeliner, this is my absolute favourite in my kit.  Not so easy to apply to yourself, however i use this on almost every single makeup client.  It glides on beautifully.  I can achieve a razor sharp line, and it lasts and lasts.  I use it in Espresso (Brown) or Noir (Black).

Make sure to let me know your thoughts, questions and if this has helped you by commenting below!

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