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Light Me up

Light Me up

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I have been bursting at the seams with excitement to show you this wonderful series of light dresses.  The pure genius of photographer, David Yeow, together with a lovely bunch of fabulous models and stylist, makeup and hair by yours truly, Jacqueline Kalab, assisted by the delightful Tori and Kerrie, made for images we’re very proud of.

If you know much about photography, you will know how genius this really is – the dresses were built on their bodies out of light!  Enjoy.

Photographer: David Yeow

Models: Saphire, ShesAllForTheMystery, Leah Jay

Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist: Jacqueline Kalab

Stylist: Kay Cee

Assistants: Tori Arnott, Kerrie Birch


Light Dress #7  Zoom to Light Speed Light Dress #8 Light Dress #9 Light Dress #10  "Light Me Up" Light Dress #6  "Light Armor" Light Dress #4  "Light Me Up" Light Dress5Light Dress #3 Light Dress #2 Light Dress #11 " Light Me Up Dress"

08 Jan 2014 1 comment
  • Erica April 22, 2014 at 1:59 am / Reply

    This is really an amazing concept and shoot. How on earth is that done??

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