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The Delightful Samantha Wills….

The Delightful Samantha Wills….

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The Delightful Samantha Wills…. I had the pleasure of looking after this jewellery creating star – who is set to become one of the biggest Australian exports since Vegemite – throughout the past few months and the Melbourne Racing carnival and much more. Not only is this woman incredibly creative in the area of jewellery and aesthetics, she’s knock-out stunning and incredibly gracious under pressure.  Where this woman is moving house, or just of a plane after 36 hours of transit, she is delightful, caring, calm, and charming.  Her appreciation of others is second to none, with her repeatedly giving me a credit to her 60K on followers on Instagram.  It is meeting people like Samantha Wills that makes my work so fulfilling, and inspires me to do and be better.  I hope you enjoy these images of my hair & makeup work, and suggest you follow this lady on Instagram or her blog, and get your hands on her stunning jewellery.


IMG_2944 IMG_2943 IMG_2942 IMG_2941 IMG_2940 IMG_2939 IMG_2342Samantha - McGrath Fdn Samantha

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