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Streaky foundation?

Streaky foundation?

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The main reason foundation comes out streaky is due to the way it’s applied.  Us makeup artists will spend ages applying and blending perfect foundation, and it was for this reason I invented the Magic Foundation Brush – not only to speed up application for makeup artists, but also to give perfectly flawless results for those at home, who don’t have loads of time to spend on their makeup 

However, there are a couple more reasons that your foundation may not be blending as beautifully as you’d like, and for this I’m going to take you on a mini dive into chemistry.

Combination of prouducts – is your face a science experiment?

We all know that water and oil don’t mix.  No matter how much you shake them up together, they will come apart and seperate.  Well this can happen on your skin.  If you have an oil-based moisturizer and a water based foundation, what are they going to do on your skin?  They are going to seperate and turn patchy.  And, you’re unlikely to get them to blend together at all, thus streaks!  Make sure all of your products can MIX together.  You can try squirting all of your products onto the back of your hand, or in a little bowl, and see if they easily dissolve into one another, or does it take some work to get them to mix.  Depending on your results, you may need to rethink the combination of products you’re using.  


Product Overload – the Slip-Slidy effect

So after we go through our cleansing routine, which leaves our skin full of moisture as it is, we then use a moisturizer, eye-moisturizer, a makeup primer, then a foundation (which is usually in a base of some sort of moisturizer) and what we end up with is a slippery slope and not only will that makeup not blend, it’s going to slide right off.  

In my opinion, primers do very little but make cosmetics companies a whole bunch of money.  I’ve come across very few that don’t leave a slippy residue.  

Unless you have excessively dry skin, much of the time, you may not even need moisturizer.  This is particularly true if you use a liquid or cream foundation.  

Furthermore, foundation has the most beautiful and natural result if it is worked into the skin.  It becomes part of the skin, rather than sitting on it.  

So using much less, if any moisturizer means your foundation will soak into the skin much more, will look more beautiful and will last much longer throughout the day.

Don’t tell the cosmetics companies I told you this.  It will eat into their profits.

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In very rare cases, I have found that certain medications can block the skin from absorbing foundation.  It is ever so rare, however.




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