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People often ask me “Who is the worst celebrity you’ve had?” Or “The celebrities must be really demanding” or “The celebrities must be really hard to work with”.  You want to know what I’ve really learned from working with celebrities for 23 years? 

I’ve learned to get anywhere in life, no matter what your goals, you must give, create, give.  
If you’re not earning enough money well then you need to make yourself more many times more valuable to others – and when THEY need it, not just when you do. 
If you’re not getting invited to the party then you need to do some inviting and create some parties.
The less you have your attention on yourself and more on others and how you can make their lives more enjoyable, the better life will be for you. 
There are people who want to become a celebrity because they want to be famous and want attention, to be admired, and to take, take, take. Then there are people who want to be an actors/ celebrities because they love to entertain others and make them smile, and enrich as many other people’s lives as they possibly can. Which do you think is successful? In my industry, I’m constantly making up people at the very top of their game: entertainers, Olympic medalists, artists, legal people, sports stars, muso’s, …stars of all kinds. Almost 100% of the time, the super successful people are consistently giving and caring for others at an amazing level, no matter what is going on in their lives. Anything from no time to eat, to a death in the family – you’d never know in the slightest – they have their attention on others so much. They’re always delivering better than expected, being gracious to everyone, carrying the world on their shoulders, being constantly interrupted and granting photos and conversation to complete strangers, interested in what others have to say, listening to their stories – REALLY listening, having beautiful manners, making people laugh or smile, treating others with great importance. I actually don’t know how they do it! And they do it ALL the time – even when people are heckling or taking-taking. After 23 years of observing them, I’m still amazed. And they do it absolutely genuinely. It’s not a put-on thing. 

So if you want to be successful, give create give. Give and create 25 times what you would like to receive.

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